Rakennusliike Ripatti Oy

From wood to tinplates and sheet metals – from traditions to innovations

Rakennusliike Ripatti Oy is a specialist in metallic façade construction, metal profiling and disc machining. Specialisation has helped us grow substantially in terms of professional staff and amount of work – our staff consists of over thirty dedicated professionals.

Rakennusliike Ripatti was founded in 1978 by building contractor Veikko Ripatti. The company started shifting from building contracting towards building flashing and façade cladding as early as in the mid-80s. The first skills and expertise was acquired from the cladding of the maintenance building of the Loviisa nuclear plant, among others.

The founder Veikko Ripatti has since retired, but still works in the background. The responsibility of the future and development of the company now lies in the hands of the founder’s offspring. Brothers Timo Ripatti, a technical expert, and Kimmo Ripatti, a business professional, are now responsible for the company. The company has been and continues to be a family business.

Throughout the years, the new generation has further moved the company’s labour and material resources towards sheet metal construction. In the beginning of the 2000s, Ripatti Oy took over a company specialised in steel building from Klaukkala. Two major changes occurred in 2004: the company moved to Klaukkala, and a large industrial building was built on a plot obtained from an acquisition, and was equipped with supplies relevant to the development needs.

During the last stage of the specialisation from 2010, product development has been an even more important part of the company’s operations and profile. The company has invested plenty of resources in tin and sheet metal eaves, root and base structures, which are traditionally built from wood and require a lot of labour. The result of the extensive product development is the product line called RIPRAP, which has been well received among constructors. In addition, the company invests heavily in product development. In fact, our next construction-technical reforms are almost finished.

Vision – Work for the benefit of Finnish construction technology

Our long construction experience has taught us that the construction industry has a lot of potential to develop new products and services which move the whole construction sector in Finland forward. By respecting old construction traditions and combining them with new technologies we are able to develop products and services, such as the RIPRAP product line, that guide Finnish construction step by step towards higher standards.

Mission – Towards the European market

Our company continuously develops new successful products and services. We are going to continue being the trend-setter in Finnish construction, and one of our most ambitious goals is to build all eaves, window sills, bases and roots of Finland with RIPRAP. At the same time we are increasing the export to Europe, where the last phase of the RIPRAP products’ success story has been the agreement with Skanska for supplies to the ESS (European Spallation Source) research centre built in Lund, Southern Serden, which is part of the Pan-European particle accelerator project. In the next few years, ESS will be one of the largest construction projects of Sweden. Skanska, in turn, is one of the world’s largest construction companies.