Our company provides:

Façade building

During its forty-year history, Rakennusliike Ripatti Oy has acquired a lot of knowledge of façade construction from different metal surfaces. Over the years, a large part of our investments have been directed at work promoting construction and development of time-saving solutions. In a few decades, our expertise has expanded into a broad range of different metal-surfaced structure solutions and structure items. It can be seen from the list of expertise accumulated over time:

  • Solid wood boards, also with hidden fastenings, in various construction stages
  • Perforated and textured sheets
  • Cassettes
  • Facets
  • Corrugated sheets
  • Meshes, also pipe meshes
  • Cell structures
  • Standing seam facades
  • Fibre cement sheets
  • Laminates
  • EPM-HPM protections
  • Sheet wool elements
  • Thermal wall structures


RIPRAP products

The construction of eaves has recently shifted from wood-based to tailored metal-based eaves structures. This is where Ripatti Oy’s RIPRAP product range has played a key role.

The result of many years’ evolutionary development is the RIPRAP product range eaves element and the safety railing that is mounted directly onto it. The results and experiences of the RIPRAP eaves element and safety railing have been extremely rewarding and encouraging, above all thanks to the influence and benefits gained. Construction site safety has greatly improved; work phases on the roof are more effortless, and the installation does not disturb other work phases as much as before.

In addition, RIPRAP eaves structures have better corrosion resistance, not to mention the improved fire safety. As eaves construction has become easier, effectiveness has improved, which has resulted in substantial savings for the constructors.



Sheet metal work

In the beginning, Ripatti Oy became known for its metal-based construction and structure surface installations. Over the years, our company specialised in more demanding structure items. The more challenging the roof, the more it has contributed to our expertise. Now, thirty years later, we have huge experience in the installation of every existing metal surface that we have knowledge of.

We install sheet metal surfaces on various types of buildings, internal trim strips and from a wide range of materials, such as RST (stainless steel), brass, copper, aluminium and various coatings.




We have enhanced our know-how strongly by acting as subcontractors. We process 0.5-5 mm sheet metals, cut them and profile them. We perform threading and hidden fastening for various materials with our sheet metal working centres, as well as with traditional welding.

We work as a subcontractor providing surfaced, hot-tip galvanised, stainless, acid resistant, anodised (improves corrosion resistance), and patinated copper, steel and brass-surfaced metal sheet products.




Our own development department designs new products continually. The Riprap product family is expected to grow in the near future. We are also a key participant in the development and design of automated access control technology:

Edging, binding and sheet metal working centre works

Our factory provides all the sheet metal materials needed in construction.

Installation service

We perform all construction-related sheet metal works, including the construction of ground structures associated with them.