Particle accelerator in Lund

RipRap and the Lund particle accelerator

Today there is an impetus on Finnish companies to aim for the international markets. Succeeding in tough competitive markets requires networking, collaboration between companies and, above all, an ability to bring to the market products that succeed under the pressures of challenging and demanding environments. The construction sector is by no means an exception.

Ripatti Oy has taken its first successful steps into the European market now. The latest chapter in the RIPRAP success story involves an agreement with Skanska to supply RipRap eaves and safety rails to the colossal particle accelerator and research facility (ESS) being built in Lund, southern Sweden.

ESS is one of the largest construction projects on the Swedish, and even on the European scale over the coming years. Skanska in turn is one of the largest construction companies in the world, and we have secured a significant role as one of their subcontractors.


Phase 1 implementation

Construction work in Lund commenced earlier this year. In the current preparatory phase the project employs 100 people. The estimated total cost of the project is around the eye-popping €1.5 billion mark. The Lund construction project is expected to run until 2024.

Ripatti Oy supplied a test batch of RipRap eaves and safety rails for the first phase of the project launched earlier this year, and these were installed by a local working group. To gain a more accurate idea of how the RipRap installations were getting along, Kimmo Ripatti, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Timo Kakkonen, Project Manager, travelled to Lund to represent Ripatti Oy.

Once there, we met with Supervisor Lennart Andersson from Skanska and the foreman of installers, Douglas Casey from New Zealand. 1,200 metres of both RipRap eaves and safety rails had already been installed. Positive experiences with the RipRap products had truly impressed these professionals employed within the large, international construction company.

The most encouraging feedback touched exactly what we had developed the RipRap eaves and safety rail for: its ease and speed of installation received ample, unreserved praise. We returned to work at home with a certain ease of mind. The gratifying feedback on the RipRap structures inspired us to direct our thoughts towards new European targets. Work in that direction is now in full swing.