Ripatti, EU and the CE certification

A company’s self-confidence grows and strengthens as the company triumphs, its products are a hit on the market, product development works and quality is invested on. Constantly moving towards new challenges drives a company’s self-confidence forward. Rakennusliike Ripatti has produced new, practical solutions to construction in Finland for twenty years now, and thanks to these solutions the company has secured a significant role in the massive Lund particle accelerator construction project this particular year. The first big step towards European construction markets has thus been taken.

What does CE certification mean?

Just to gain access to the European markets, products and services offered must hold the absolutely necessary CE certification (Conformité Europénne – European Conformity). The CE marking is a manufacturer’s declaration that a product complies with the relevant European Union safety requirements. By affixing the marking to a product, the manufacturer gains the right to free movement of the product within the European Economic Area. Affixing the CE marking is subject to conformity assessment carried out in a third party testing laboratory. To pave the way to the European markets, Rakennusliike Ripatti applied for CE certification for the products it has developed.

Not to be taken lightly

In order to achieve the required EU standards, applicants must have their products tested at their own expense by a quality inspection company authorised by the authorities. Investment in these assessments is far from insignificant. Just thinking about getting a product tested is not to be taken lightly, as the inspection companies authorised to carry out such testing are known to be very demanding and the testing itself rather expensive. The conformity assessments for our products were carried out by Dekra Industrial Oy. There are around 200 Dekra assessors in Finland, and a total of about 35,000 around the world, whose job it is to ensure that products are safe, of high quality and environmentally friendly.

Our long wait and anticipation were rewarded: On 25.11.2016 Rakennusliike Ripatti Oy was awarded CE certification, in other words a certificate of conformity based on internal quality controls on production. It pertained to welded structural steel assemblies and product systems. The certification confirms that all conditions related to the assessment and verification of constancy of performance as well as internal quality controls on production meet all relevant requirements.

Its significance cannot be overestimated

Gaining the CE certificate is no mere walk in the park. Without strong focus on quality and quality development, our structural solutions would not be headed for the European markets. The same applies at home. CE certification places a company under the magnifying glass. Each product that gains the CE marking is forevermore under the watchful eye of the authorities.

We have come a long way. EC was yet another milestone in the company’s long-term plans to promote the Finnish construction culture in the manufacture of load-bearing steel structures. We at Ripatti have a very good reason to be pleased, even proud, of the results we have achieved. Not that we are going to rest on our laurels in self-admiration… Rather, we feel that the certification was received in recognition of our uncompromising product development policy which doesn’t shun sacrifice, as well as for creating our own, particular corporate culture. The certification awarded to us applies specifically to the load-bearing steel structures produced by our metal workshop. But it is also an undeniable recognition of our company’s emphasis on understanding quality. The CE certification gives us motivation and courage to look toward the challenges ahead.

Furthermore, the certification was issued at a time when quality requirements for construction were being tightened across the board. Just meeting the requirements of our international partners required strict focus on improving our own operations and products. We can say for our part that our at times wild investments in quality have not been in vain. Having received the CE certification is unlikely to make our life easier. We would imagine that we will not be simply settling for maintaining the level we have reached, but that to stay on board and to remain competitive, we must rise to a new level. Our goal is quite simply to keep moving towards higher-quality products and services, particularly in order to increase our domestic market value to the European level and, if possible, beyond.

And finally… The CE certification has been a very welcome Christmas present to us as a company, and we are sincerely delighted about it. We would like to give a big thanks to our staff for the fruitful and eventful year, meanwhile we live strong in the belief that the new year will be equally colourful, thanks to the devotion and commitment of our people.

Grateful for this year, we would like to wish all our colleagues at Ripatti and all our partners a very Happy New Year!