The RIPRAP eaves and safety railings were the start of a new creative phase for our business focused on facade building, as well as on construction in general. We feel that our new products are nothing short of revolutionary. The idea took off as we were thinking about ways of replacing the work-intensive task of setting up wooden structures with metal eaves and safety railing solutions. Years of product development led to a breakthrough in 2010, when we launched the RIPRAP eaves. At the same time, the product was design-protected within the EU. The rest is quite a success story, and a story of the role of creativity in the construction industry.


Today, there is a whole RIPRAP product family, which in itself shows that intensive product development has continued. RIPRAP eaves led to the safety railing attached to the eaves, which makes other installation works on roofs much easier. The safety railings also stay out of the way during the work. There is fierce competition in the construction market, but RIPRAP was well received on the market, even better than anticipated. By 2016, RIPRAP structures are found in hundreds of building sites around Finland!

There are various advantages in using RIPRAP eaves compared to other solutions. Significant time and cost savings are achieved by using RIPRAP products, due to the accurate dimensions of the sheet metal RIPRAP products. RIPRAP structures are manufactured of galvanised sheet metal, and they have significantly better corrosion-resistance than wood structures, and they also contribute to the fire safety of the building site.

The RIPRAP products are more about complete applications than several different models. RIPRAP products are often suitable for various types of construction works as such, but they are also produced as tailored products in conformity with the customer’s plans. In practice, the customer sends us their plan of the building and the needed sheet metal structures. After this, we adapt the plan to fit the RIPRAP products. Then an implementation plan is prepared for approval by the customer.


RIPRAP structures contribute to the appearance and balance of housing and city construction in the eyes of ordinary passers-by. Overall, aesthetics is more important than ever in environment and urban planning. The coherence and clear contours of RIPRAP eaves provide a sense of balance and harmony with the environment. At the same time, eaves having elegant appearance contribute to the character and unique features of the building, which is emphasised by the straight lines of the clear shadows. This creates a less confusing environment, which feels safe and comfortable. The product development of RIPRAP will continue to follow the technical, aesthetic and ethical requirements of house building.