Safety, affordability and efficiency

The RIPRAP safety railing is the newest safety railing on the market that meets safety standards and regulations. The safety railing is installed directly into the structure of the RIPRAP eaves, which makes installation easy and fast. The safety railing can be installed on almost all surfaces, including concrete and wood surfaces.

Achieve the highest-quality end result available on the market by choosing the RIPRAP safety railing, and save time and costs.


The RIPRAP safety railing has obtained great popularity among construction companies, and it is the newest safety railing system on the market that significantly improves work efficiency. The RIPRAP safety railing is installed safely on the roof of the building, which saves time. The installation, removal and transfer of the whole system to a new building site is effortless, and it can be performed by the staff on site, or you can leave the installation to us.

The poles of the safety railing can be installed at intervals up to 1,25 metres, still resulting in a sturdy and safe railing. The mounted railings tolerate a minimum of 1 kN torque! Mounting them does not require welding or a platform truck, which results in substantial cost savings.

The safety railing is so eye-catching that it can be left on top of the finished building.

Our customers can order the safety railing with their own logo and colour scheme.

Our safety railings are tested at the Turku University of Applied Sciences, and have passed the required level of safety. Read the test report.