The RIPRAP eaves are made of galvanised sheet steel. Other material options are aluminium, stainless steel and copper. The advantages of sheet metal structures is that it that they are easy to install and they provide ventilation, water tightness, fire safety and cost savings.

Tailored eaves are installed in no time. Compared to wooden eaves, the installation is seven times faster!

The result is a fire-resistant steel solution. RIPRAP eaves are not subject to moisture damages, which guarantees a long life cycle. And most importantly, RIPRAP eaves are elegant, and they are not installed with screws. Instead, hidden fastenings are used. The end result is a time and cost saving solution that represents the highest quality on the market.

Our eaves are easily modifiable for different structures, such as sheet wool, thermal element, concrete element and steel structures, as well as other project-specific dimensions. The whole structure is completed with a single product. The RIPRAP element also works as weather protection during construction for e.g. thermal element walls.

In addition to eaves structures, our product range includes root, base and damper systems. Furthermore, the RIPRAP™ safety railing is easily mounted to the eaves.


  • Storm damper included
  • Approx. 20 mm ventilation on front face
  • The front face of the eaves do not need screw fastening
  • Ventilation to roof structures/upper base possible
  • No need for a separate insect net
  • A thick U-profile on top of the insulation is not necessary
  • The Zn eaves structure is straighter and more sturdy and durable
  • Faster to install
  • Fire-resistant
  • Not subject to rain damages
  • The roof side of the eaves can also be built entirely from sheet metal
  • Cost savings